At the beginning of the day everyone was stiff and shy but by the end of the course they were leaping around the room and literally climbing on top of each other. It was an amazing transformation to witness.

Andrew Schlussel Director of Global Talent Development, Framestore

Award winning Supervising Animator Ross Burgess (Jungle Book, Megamind, His Dark Materials) and critically acclaimed Actor Bruce MacKinnon (The Office, Guardians of The Galaxy, Black Mirror) have teamed up to create a highly unique workshop experience that fuses the training of the actor with the revolutionary power of Improv.

At IMPROV4 we design and facilitate bespoke Improv workshops for all industries. We believe that a team with skilled and strong improvisors makes for a highly skilled and strong team. Our practical, fast paced and highly energetic courses will unlock the true potential in people - expand their creative vision, build better listeners, more dynamic speakers and confident team players with real presence.


Improv4 will transform you, your team and your business.

// Ross Burgess

Throughout a fantastic career with ILM, Dreamworks Animation, MPC and Framestore, Ross has overseen a wealth of different creatures and characters from some of Hollywood’s biggest releases. He was a key member of the Academy and Bafta Award winning animation team for 'The Jungle Book' and 'The Golden Compass'.


// Bruce MacKinnon

Actor, writer and comedian with 25 years experience of the entertainment industry. Bruce is a regular face on our screens (The Office, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Black Mirror, Episodes, Bohemian Rhapsody). A regular performer with the Royal Shakespeare Company and as a comedian Bruce has written and performed sell out shows at the Soho Theatre and Edinburgh Fringe.