The first of it's kind Improv course specifically designed for the animator.


At IMPROV4 we understand the animation process and how important it is to get a good performance out of your characters. Using well considered reference effectively can push a sequence of shots from 'good enough' to outstanding. Whether it be for a commercial, game, television or film, let our team of experienced professional actors and animators use improv to help you to push your animation to the limit.

We will use improv to explore themes such as character, movement, anthropomorphism and silhouettes to fine tune your reference, posing and scene structure. You will learn transferable skills that will not only make you better actors but more rounded people - you will go on a journey of self discovery, make new friends, meet new industry contacts and all in a really fun, safe space.

Alongside workshop training we also offer performance acting and consultancy for animation and VFX. Whether it be for performance capture or simple reference, our specialist actors can work with your team to help realise your storyboards and edit.

I really enjoyed the workshop, I would highly recommend anyone studying animation, or even working in the industry to do it. It really helped me think about how I approach my projects — to actually get out of my head once in a while, not overthink or complicate my ideas. More importantly it got me to loosen up and have some fun!”


Keefe Wagstaff, BA (Hons) Animation student. Ravensbourne Universty.