Unleash the performer inside and express yourself with new friends in this fast paced, energetic Improv and acting evening class, specially designed for the beginner.

Have you ever wondered if there was a budding actor inside of you bursting to get out, but you’ve never tried? Maybe you loved acting at school or college but you’ve never had the opportunity to give it another go? Maybe you’re a master improviser but just never knew it. Or maybe you just want to unwind after work and meet new people and learn something completely new and original? At Improv4 we have the exact course for you.

IMPROV4Everyone is designed and facilitated by actor and comedian Bruce MacKinnon (The Office, Guardians of The Galaxy, Black Mirror, Episodes) who brings his 20 years experience and classical training to the workshop room. Through fun Improv games and acting exercises, course participants will have a crash course in acting and how to approach character movement and voice and play a scene with emotional truth. How to centre yourself, be present orientated and effectively use nerves to your advantage. You will learn transferable skills that will not only make you better actors but more rounded people - you will go on a journey of self discovery, meet new people and all in a really fun, safe space.

Our beginner courses are specially designed to ease you in gently in a controlled way giving you the confidence to express yourself with confidence. They’re always a massive hit. This is what some of the lovely folk said about us from our last evening course:


"Its realy really fun. You have a blast, and at the beginning you don't know anyone and by the end you're best of friends." Matt

"I learnt loads but the thing that surprised me most was how much I learnt about myself and my confidence and what I was actually capable of. It's such a fun class." Marion