training & Development

We are currently taking bookings for our bespoke corporate training course which can either be held at the clients office or an alternative venue.

We currently offer:

  • 6 weekly 1.5 hour workshop 

  • 1 full day workshop

  • 1/2 day crasher courses.


At IMPROV4 no one course is ever the same and we work closely with you to create a bespoke course that fits with your team's needs and workflow. All workshops are highly energetic and involve fun, fast paced warm up games and improv exercises in pairs and as a group. The benefits are huge. We...

Teambuild, boost moral, and enhance collaboration.  We create completely new and stronger relationships within your team and explore and enhance colleague, customer and client empathy through the transformative power of active listening!

Fine tune your soft skills and make you the best YOU you can be.  We use classical acting techniques to teach real business presence and how to successfully handle nerves under pressure and be fluid and adaptable to change in any situation. 


Give you the confidence to be utterly fearless and original in your creativity, pushing the boundaries and create work that sets you and your team aside from the competition.


Give you the skills to create and deliver killer pitches and presentations.  How to incorporate winning story structure, the lost art of rhetoric, audience focused language and truthful, persuasive and winning delivery in your pitches, presentations, meetings and negotiations. 

Reintroduce your team to the all important creative power of play!

After one of our courses your relationship to your work, to one another and your understanding of what you thought you were capable of, will never be the same again!

Maximum 20 per group.